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A 2 Bee Pest Control
A 2 Bee Pest Control
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Bed Bugs
Where do bed bugs come from?

  • Bed bugs are "hitch hikers." They can hitch a ride on an unsuspecting person.  
  • This means that you can sit next to someone who has them and one gets on you!
  • A guest can bring them into your home.
  • You can get them by visiting someone who has them.
  • Children can get them from day care centers and nurseries.  
  • Other ways to get them are from home care for the elderly.
  • Some people get them from the movie theaters.
  • There has even been an instance where they came from the library!

They can come from just about anywhere!
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A 2 Bee Pest Control
A 2 Bee Pest Control
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Pest Control
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